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WATCH LIVE NOW: 'Asteroid Day' Webcast About Space-Rock Threat

Dangerous Near-Earth Asteroid Illustration
This artist's illustration shows a hazardous near-Earth asteroid.

The online Slooh Community Observatory will host a free webcast Tuesday (June 30) that focuses on near-Earth asteroids and the threat these objects pose to Earth. You can watch the event live at 6 p.m. EDT (2200 GMT) Tuesday directly via Slooh at, as well as in the window below:

The webcast is a special event marking "Asteroid Day," a global day of awareness and education about near-Earth objects (NEOs). (Tuesday is the 107th anniversary of the "Tunguska Event," in which a space rock exploded over Siberia, flattening about 800 square miles, or 2,070 square kilometers, of forest.)

From Slooh: 

"Host Will Gater, along with Slooh Astronomer Bob Berman, will discuss current efforts in asteroid tracking and tackle the big questions in planetary defense. They'll be joined by Richard Garriott, the first ever second-generation astronaut, and documentary producer, Duncan Copp, as they debate whether or not the world is ready for the 'big one,' and what preparations we still need to make.

"This discussion will be highlighted by live views of the asteroid Icarus through one of Slooh's telescopes in the Canary Islands. Icarus is a 1-kilometer-long asteroid, and the most recent NEO to have a close approach to Earth, coming within 5 million miles just a week ago. Viewers of this unique event can ask questions of Slooh's astronomers and special guests using the hashtag #AsteroidDayIcarus."

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